Error: "401 Error Impersonation Failed" when performing a test connection for NFS

Problem Description

The test connection failed for a Network File Share (NFS).  This error can occur if you are using the AirWatch MAG or AirWatch Tunnel.


Error Code

The following error occurs when performing a test connection for a Network File Share:

401 Error Impersonation Failed



Option 1: For both the Windows-based AirWatch MAG and Linux-based AirWatch Tunnel, verify that the MAG/Tunnel endpoint is part of the domain (this should update local securityy policies with Active Directory users).   Alternately, ensure that domain trust is established between the domain containing the MAG/Tunnel and the domain containing the NFS server.

Option 2: For the AirWatch MAG, manually add "Allow log on locally" and "Log on as a service" to each user in the Local Security Policies on the MAG Endpoint server.

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