How to perform a silent install of Content Locker for Windows


Silent installation for Content Locker on Windows gives user the capability to install the Content Locker/Sync/Outlook add-on without any additional GUI or user interaction. The silent installation can be done for:

  • Content Locker.
  • Content Locker Sync.
  • Content Locker Outlook add-on.

Getting information about available parameters

  • To get the silent install usage prompts corresponding to a particular executable file, type the following command.  Make sure to replace "Installation_File_Name.exe" with the actual name of the executable.
Installation_File_Name.exe /?
  • User will be prompted with the following information:


Installing Content Locker

  • To silently install Content Locker, use the following command:
Installation_File_Name.exe” /s /v”/qn
  • To create a log file when performing the install, use the following command instead:
“Installation_File_Name.exe” /s /v”/qn /l Log_File_Name.txt”

Custom configuration

  • The installer looks for the config.xml file in the installer execution directory. If for some reason the file is missing, the installer prompts you to let you know the file is missing.
  • The config file can be accessed by unzipping the downloaded installer. The config file can also be modified after the installation by accessing the installation folder in the AirWatch directory.
  • During silent installation user can modify following attributes of the installer using the config file.
    • ServerURL
    • ServicePortalURL
    • AuthorizationCode
    • GroupCode
    • Username
    • TokenExpiration

Common Issues

If a silent install does not complete successfully, perform some of the common troubleshooting steps below.

  • Uninstall any previous instances of the content locker.
  • Remove the existing files from the “C:\AirWatch” folder.
  • Make sure to run the command prompt as the administrator.
  • Make sure to enter the absolute path to the executable.
  • Make sure the command parameters are entered correctly as they are space sensitive.
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