Deploying Android applications with an App Control profile

Deploying Android applications with an App Control profile

With the App Control profile for Android devices, you can configure the installation-behavior of specific Android apps based on Blacklist, Whitelist, and Required app groups.  The configurable options are as follows:

  • Prevent Installation of Blacklisted Apps
  • Prevent Un-Installation of Required Apps
  • Only Allow Installation of Whitelisted Apps

 When utilizing an App Control profile that contains both Required and Whitelisted app groups, it is important to understand the distinction for newly enrolled devices.  Any apps in the Required group will install following enrollment, whereas any apps in the Whitelisted group will not automatically install following enrollment, regardless of the deployment type.  However, Whitelisted applications will still be available to install manually by the user.  If a new Whitelisted application is added to the group with the deployment type set to automatic, then all currently enrolled devices will be prompted to install it.


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