Renewing sTokens with AirWatch


Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Managed Distribution method utilizes service tokens, also called sTokens, for bulk purchasing and distribution of applications. Apple requires managed distribution tokens to be renewed annually. Each token will expire 12 months after it was downloaded from the Apple VPP portal. Maintaining active sTokens is a necessary step to prevent service interruption. In order to retain sToken management capabilities, tokens must be renewed prior to the expiration date.


AirWatch has built sToken renewal functionality as of the 7.3 console release and is pleased to offer this streamlined renewal process to AirWatch customers and partners. However, it is not possible to renew service tokens in AirWatch versions released prior to 7.3. Customers and Partners using VPP sTokens, not on version 7.3 or later, will not be able to renew their sTokens. Failure to renew sTokens greatly impacts VPP management functionality in AirWatch.

sToken Expiration Impact

New VPP users, application purchases, and application downloads are impacted with the following restrictions:

  • Cannot sync licenses
  • Cannot send invitations to join the VPP to enrollment users added after expiration
  • Cannot update the information on invitation status for the enrollment users added before the expiration but accepted the invitation after the expiration
  • Cannot deploy new VPP applications (claiming licenses for users/ devices)
  • Cannot download existing on-demand applications if the license was not already claimed
  • Cannot revoke Managed Distribution licenses when the devices are:
    • Unenrolled
    • Removed from the assignment rule
    • Deleted
    • Assignment rules are deleted
    • VPP applications are deleted
    • Service tokens are deleted

Note: The devices that already have applications assigned, licenses claimed, and applications installed should not have any issues with their continued usage of the applications.

Renewing Service Tokens in AirWatch

Renewing sTokens in AirWatch includes the following parts:

  1. Download the new sToken from the Apple Portal.

  2. Upload the renewed sToken to the AirWatch Admin Console.

Follow these instructions to renew your service tokens before they expire in 12 months.

Part 1: Renewing on the Apple Portal

  1. Navigate to the Apple VPP Portal located at

  2. Login to your Apple VPP account with the same account you originally created your VPP token.

  3. Select the account name located on the top right hand corner of your VPP home page.

  4. Select Account Summary from the drop down menu.

  5. Select the Download Token link in the Managed Distribution description to download the new token.

Part 2: Renewing in the AirWatch Admin Console

  1. Navigate to the correct Organization Group where the expiring sToken resides.

  2. Navigate to Groups & Settings ► All Settings ► Apps ► Catalog ► VPP Managed Distribution.

  3. Select Renew and browse to the renewed sToken on your network to upload it to the AirWatch Admin Console.

  4. Save your settings.

Ensure that users can download VPP applications after you renew the sToken in AirWatch.

For additional information on managing applications with AirWatch, please reference our comprehensive Mobile Application Management product guide.

For additional information or questions on service tokens please contact AirWatch support.

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