How to handle device-based VPP application updates

How to handle device-based VPP application updates

When an update is available to an application that was issued to devices through device-based VPP, the device will not automatically receive a notification that an update is available for that app.  However, if an update is known to be available, there are two ways for a device to receive the new version:

  • The user can open the AirWatch App Catalog on the device, and navigate to the app in question.  Though it will show a status of Installed, the user can select the button and download the update to the app.  Note: there will be no clear indication in the App Catalog that an update is available.
  • An administrator can navigate in the AirWatch Console to the list of devices assigned to the VPP app in question and select the Install button for any appropriate devices.  This will install the latest version of the application.  From the list of assigned devices you are able to filter the list or select multiple/all devices if you want many devices to update the app at once.


The AirWatch team is continuing to work with Apple to simplify the user experience of this process.

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