AirWatch’s SaaS App Wrapping Solution

AirWatch’s App Wrapping Process


  1. Admin uploads the finished app with any ancillary files, like provisioning profiles and signing certificates, to the AirWatch Admin Console.
  2. The AirWatch Admin Console sends the files encrypted using AES-256, over SSL, and requiring HMAC token authentications.
  3. The Java Service receives all data and calls the app wrapping engine.
  4. The app wrapping engine performs the following actions:
    • Unzips the files.
    • Injects AirWatch SDK functionality.
    • Codesigns the app and recompresses the files.
    • Deletes app files, provisioning profiles, and signing certificates securely.
  5. The Java Service sends the wrapped app to the AirWatch Admin Console encrypted using AES-256, over SSL, and requiring HMAC token authentication.
  6. The AirWatch Admin Console deploys the wrapped app.

AirWatch’s SaaS App Wrapping Solution

AirWatch offers a SaaS, cloud-based, wrapping solution because of the following advantages:  

  • Development practices, open source libraries, OS versions, and MADPs used to code apps change frequently. Frequent changes can cause incompatibilities with app wrapping. Typically AirWatch can address these issues quickly, and as a result, AirWatch updates the cloud-wrapping servers regularly. 
  • Based on frequent updates, AirWatch supports the latest version of app wrapping available in the AirWatch cloud.
  • When incompatibilities occur, the R&D team troubleshoots and diagnoses issues more quickly in the AirWatch SaaS environment.
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