Adding version of internal app fails with Error parsing IPA or MobileProvision file


Afer upgrading environment to a new feature pack, you are unable to upload a new version of an iOS internal application. In the console logs you will receive the two following errors:


Error WanderingWiFi.AirWatch.BusinessImpl.Device.Application.ApplicationBusiness Error parsing IPA or MobileProvision file.


Error WanderingWiFi.AirWatch.BusinessImpl.Device.Application.ApplicationBusiness *** EXCEPTION ***
Ionic.Zip.BadReadException: ZipEntry::ReadHeader(): Bad signature (0x474E5089) at position 0x00000000


The IPA successfully works if it is side loaded or uploaded into different console environments.



Post upgrade, clear the AirWatch cache folder on the server; By default is is C:\AirWatch\Cache. After clearing the cache, you should be able to upload the file successfully.

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