Process flow when using the Dynamic App Store Restriction for iOS devices


The App Store provides a wide range of apps for iOS users to install on their devices. However, corporate networks may not approve their employees installing many of these apps on their devices.

AirWatch helps corporate to prevent their employees from downloading and installing social apps or games from the App Store which are not approved by the administrator. This is done by restricting the presence of the App Store on the employees' devices and is known as Dynamic App Store Restriction. The App Store is removed from the employees' devices to ensure no unwanted applications are installed on the devices that can pose a threat to the company's security and disturb the productive effort of the employees.The employees will be able to install only those apps that are made available in the App Catalog.

How to restrict the App Store?

The App Store is restricted by imposing a restriction profile on the user's device.

To restrict the App Store:

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Catalog > App Restrictions.
  2. Enable Restricted Mode for Public iOS Applications.

On enabling the restricted mode, a restriction profile is installed on the user's device that removes the App Store from the device. This prevents users from installing applications that are not approved by the admins. If the admin assigns an application through AirWatch, the restriction profile will be removed and the user is prompted to install the application. This feature applies for both auto and on-demand public applications and not private applications. This setting is inherited by default by child OGs but can be overridden if desired.

Process Flow

Every application that is to be installed on the device has a workflow. Apps are installed one after the other based on these workflows. If there are 10 apps to be installed on a device, the second app's workflow will begin only after the completion of the first app's workflow.

The process flow for deploying applications when utilizing the Dynamic App Store Restriction is as follows:


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