Troubleshooting: App Catalog stuck in "processing" for an application


When a user clicks on an application in the App Catalog, the status changes to  “Processing” and nothing happens. In some cases, the application may actually install on the device but the status will still say, “Processing.”


Troubleshooting Steps

Verify how many devices this is affecting.  Are many (or all) devices in the deployment experiencing this issue, or is it limited to only a single (or a few) devices?  Generally, if a large number of devices are affected the root cause will be related to the application or AirWatch system itself.  However, if only a few devices are affected, then typically the root cause is related to the actual devices.

Identify if multiple applications are affected.  If a single application does not download properly but all others do, then the root cause is likely related to the application itself.  Does the application install successfully outside of AirWatch?  Gathering device logs lead to specific error messages when an application install is attempted.

  • Attempt to download the application outside of AirWatch.  For internal applications, this can be done through side loading, and for public applications, this can be done directly through the device’s app store.  Verify that everything functions correctly.

Attempt to remotely lock the device that is experiencing the issue from the console. If the device does not receive the alert, then the MDM push notification is not being sent to the device. Troubleshooting towards device connectivity might be required.

  • For iOS devices, verify that APNS certificate has been renewed and is up to date.
  • If you have an On-Premise deployment, verify that all AirWatch Services are started.  Attempt restarting the AirWatch Messaging Service.

Have the user perform the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Shut down the App Catalog, verify if the application has been installed, and re-open the App Catalog to see if the status has changed.
  • Perform a reset on all settings by navigating to Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings.
  • Clear all the browser cache by navigating to Settings >Safari> Clear History and Website Data.

Network quality may have an impact on the issue.  If a device is currently connected to a slow network, there may be a delay between the user selecting “install” and the install command actually reaching the device.

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