Best Practices for Apple ID Distribution

Best practices for Apple ID Distribution

  • An Apple ID is required for installing public apps (including VPP/purchased apps).

  • There is an Apple limitation of 10 devices per Apple ID.

  • AirWatch recommends the following Apple ID approaches based on device ownership types:
    AirWatch recommends distributing apps through license based VPP (rather than redemption codes) unless the devices are Shared devices (Check in/Check out).

      • Corporate dedicated and employee owned devices should have an Apple ID created by the user who is assigned the device(s).
      • Shared devices should have an institutional (institute owned) Apple ID.
      • The "1 to 1" ratio in the chart below refers to one Apple ID per user account, not device. A user with multiple devices will not need to create additional Apple IDs, unless one of the device's is shared.
Recommendations Table


Corporate Dedicated



Apple ID

User Created (1 to 1)

Institutional ID (10 device limit per Apple ID)

User Created (1 to 1)

App Distribution

DEP with VPP Licenses

Apple Configurator / VPP Redemption Codes

VPP Licenses

Note: Apple has provided instructions on creating an Apple ID without associating it with a payment method here.

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