How To Create SDK Profiles

SDK Profile Overview

AirWatch gives you the ability to customize both AirWatch developed applications, as well as your internally-developed applications using the Software Developers Kit (SDK) for both Android and iOS. You can create an SDK profile, or choose a pre-configured profile and attach it to AirWatch and internal apps to provide a more customized and consistent user experience. The SDK allows you to customize the look and feel of AirWatch applications like the AirWatch Browser and the Secure Content Locker, as well as internal applications by enabling authentication and changing the branding of your application. Additionally you can configured advanced restrictions, compliance policies, enable analytics to review usage statistics, configure a geofence, and even enter in XML code to create custom settings.

Create an SDK Profile

Navigate to Applications ► Profiles ► Add Profile, then select SDK Profile and your platform to begin configuring an SDK profile for your application.

Note: You must configure all SDK payloads in one profile per application.

Note: Application profiles are used for deploying multiple certificates to an application, as you can only deploy one certificate with an SDK Profile.


SDK Profiles Capability Matrix by Application

The SDK profile capabilities vary by application and platform. View the matrix below to see which capabilities are available by application and platform.



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