App Wrapping

App Wrapping

AirWatch’s new app wrapping solution gives you the ability to inject AirWatch functionality into internal apps deployed to and used by your employees without the need for any development or code changes. The process of ‘wrapping’ an app with AirWatch features is initiated directly from the AirWatch Admin Console. Once an application is ‘wrapped’, AirWatch can perform a number of administrative actions on the app increasing its security and value to your company.




Using this utility, AirWatch can:

  • Detect compromised devices and take action if a compromise is detected.
    • For Android devices, AirWatch can force exit from the app, wipe app content, or remove the app entirely.
    • For iOS devices, AirWatch can prevent access to the app.
  • Apply app usage restrictions such as preventing copy and paste functionality and disabling Bluetooth connectivity and/or camera usage. (Android only)
  • Require end-user authentication in the form of a passcode or credentials.

App Wrapping Requirements

App Wrapping is available with AirWatch 6.3 and can be used with devices running Android 4.0+ and iOS 5+. It is the ideal solution for companies who need immediate security for their fully developed apps.

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