FAQ: Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

What is the Volume Purchase Program?

The Volume Purchase Program allows businesses and educational institutions to purchase publicly available applications or specifically developed third party applications in volume for distribution to corporate devices.


Can I use my personal iTunes account to enroll into VPP?

No, you will need to create or use an existing Apple Deployment Programs Apple ID. If you’ve already enrolled your school or institution in the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), you can use that same program agent account to enroll in VPP. Simply log in to deploy.apple.com with your DEP Apple ID, click Enroll next to the Device Enrollment Program, and fill in the required information.
Note: Apple introduced Apple School Manager (ASM) in late 2016 and Apple Business Manager (ABM) later on. For info on how to upgrade to ABM, please refer to https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208817


What else do I need to enroll in the program?

  • Contact information, including address, phone number, and email address
  • Apple Deployment Programs Apple ID.
  • Verification contact.
  • Institution information.
  • Apple customer number or tax registration information, where applicable. 


How do I purchase apps?

Legacy VPP

  1. Search for an app or book
  2. Enter the quantity
  3. Select the distribution type (Managed Distribution or Redeemable Codes)
  4. Enter your payment and billing information.


  1. Log in ASM/ABM as a content manager
  2. Navigate to Apps and Books
  3. Search for an app or book
  4. On right side, select the deemed location under “assign to”
  5. Enter the quantity and “Buy”


Do end users need to enter an Apple Id to download applications?

For customers that are using Device Based Assignment, deploying apps to devices on iOS 9+ or OS X El Capitan or later an Apple ID is not needed. For all other cases Apple requires an Apple Id present on the device.


Can device based assignment be enabled for all applications at once?

No, device based assignment can be enabled for one application at a time.


If device based assignment is enabled will it affect the devices that already have the application?

No, the devices that already have the application will continue to function seamlessly.


Does VPP work with Android?

No, it is only available for iOS and macOS.


After updating AirWatch,  we have received the below message when attempting to sync purchases: 

"The sToken that you are trying to upload is being used in another environment. Please note that if you choose to continue, the licenses claimed in the other environment will be marked as 'Externally Redeemed' and can be revoked from this environment. Do you still wish to continue?"

This message appears due to the console having recently been upgraded to a new version that comes with VPP enhancements. The new version of the console is simply seeing your current sToken as a different sToken since it existed on the previous version of the console. In order to take advantage of these new VPP enhancements, you will have to sync your sToken and upon syncing your sToken, the message should no longer present itself.

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