[Resolved] ISDK-169030: Customers with legacy SDK profiles in their environment may experience continuous authentication prompts from AirWatch iOS applications



Versions Identified 

AirWatch Content Locker 3.12 for iOS

AirWatch Browser 5.12 for iOS


AirWatch iOS applications may continuously prompt users for authentication credentials.  This can occur when a customer has a legacy SDK profile in their environment, regardless of whether the profile is inactive or unassigned.   

To check for legacy SDK profiles go to Settings > Settings and Policies > Profiles and look for a profile where Configuration shows SDK Profile (Legacy)


If you discover a legacy SDK profile please ensure it is not assigned to any applications before attempting to delete. You can delete any legacy SDK profiles by selecting the 'X' next to the profile. Do not set to inactive, it must be deleted from the console.  After deleting the profile impacted devices will need to reinstall the applications to fully resolvthissue. 


This has been resolved in iOS Browser 5.12.1 and Content Locker 3.12.1. For additional information, please refer to our knowledge base article on Getting Ready for iOS 10.3.

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