Users must update to Android Container 3.3 before updating to new versions of productivity apps or they may lose saved app data

Version Identified

  • Android Container 3.3
  • Android Browser (to be released)
  • Android Content Locker (to be released)
  • Android Inbox (to be released)
  • Android Video (to be released)


For all users utilizing the Android Container along with other productivity apps (Inbox, Content Locker, Browser, Video), AirWatch requires users to update to the latest version of Container (version 3.3) prior to updating to the upcoming releases of the AirWatch productivity apps. Users that do not update to the latest version of Container first will be unable to successfully authenticate to the productivity apps and run the risk of losing the local app data in each affected productivity app.


  • Update to the latest version of AirWatch Container (version 3.3) prior to updating to any future releases of productivity apps, which will be available in the upcoming weeks.
  • Users that do not update the Container first will need to manually clear the App Data for each AirWatch productivity app locally on the device by navigating to Settings > Application Manager/Apps > {App Name} > Storage > Clear Data (the exact options you select may be slightly different depending on Android version).  Note: this will remove any local app data, and will trigger a sync the next time the app is launched.

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