[Resolved] AAPP-2051: In some cases iOS devices may be marked non-compliant for an required application policy while they are updating a required app




We have received reports of required application compliance policies marking devices as non-compliant after auto-updating to AirWatch Agent 5.4. New enrollments do not appear to be affected. 

If a user is updating his apps (the apps are greyed out or the progress bar is slowly increasing) and AirWatch requests an application list sample from the device (manually or through the automatic AirWatch scheduler), any applications that are still in progress of updating will not be listed in the application list sample. This will mark the application as "not installed" in AirWatch, which can trigger compliance policies that depend on specific apps being installed. The risk for this occurring will increase for users with large numbers of large application updates while on a poor network, or if the iOS device encounters an issue where the application updates are paused (such as if the user leaves the Wi-Fi connection during updates). 


This issue has been resolved with iOS 11. 

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