FCA-181223: Error: "BrandingMigration.exe failed to run correctly" when upgrading to AirWatch 9.0

Version Identified

AirWatch 9.0




In isolated cases, you may receive the following error when upgrading to AirWatch 9.0:

BrandingMigration.exe failed to run correctly.  Please check the log for errors and run it manually after the installation completes by running BrandingMigration.exe at {filepath}\AirWatch 9.0\Database\DBTools\BrandingMigration.  Log file is located at {filepath}.


If you experience this error during the upgrade process, all Branding settings will not be properly configured in the AirWatch Console.  These settings will be unable to be updated through the Console itself.


If you experience this error during an upgrade, please roll-back to the previous functioning AirWatch version and contact AirWatch Support for assistance.

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