[Resolved] FCA-181222: In AirWatch 9.0 devices are not renamed DELETE IN PROGRESS when they are added to the delete queue

Version Identified

AirWatch 9.0




When an administrator chooses to delete a device record from the AirWatch Console, it is added to a device removal queue to wait for automated back-end processes to actually remove the record.  While this occurs, the device should be renamed as "DELETE IN PROGRESS" to indicate to administrators that it is currently in the removal queue.

In AirWatch 9.0, a device marked for removal is incorrectly not renamed to "DELETE IN PROGRESS."  This can cause confusion as a device record will still appear to be active, even if it is marked for removal.  These devices will still be removed as expected once the scheduled back-end processes remove all records of the device.  If you attempt to delete a device record but notice it is still active, check back in the Console later to confirm that the device has been removed.

Fix Version

This has been resolved in AirWatch 9.1.

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