PPAT-907: AirWatch Tunnel 8.4 crashes when DNS request contains over 81 characters - Resolved in AirWatch 8.4.4

Version Identified

AirWatch Console 8.4.0 - 8.4.3




Tunnel Per-App VPN service (VPND) on Linux will crash if an app connected to the Tunnel attempts to access a domain with a name greater than 81 characters. The 81 character limit includes all characters in the URL (for example: www.domain.*.com).

This issue only affects environments with a Tunnel server version between 8.4.0 and 8.4.3.  This issue can be identified by the following characteristics:

  • The Tunnel version is at or between 8.4.0 and 8.4.3.  
  • When attempting to reach a resource that has a domain name greater than 81 characters, the VPND service on the Linux server crashes
  • Tunnel.log file shows the following error when a crash occurs:


2016-07-31 14:09:57.955 139900217186048  INFO: *10001 Received request type=AW_SOCKS5_DATA

2016-07-31 14:09:57.955 139900217186048  INFO: FLOW#0 CommandProcessor processes DATA request len=81

/opt/airwatch/tunnel/vpnd/start.sh: line 3: 46196 Segmentation fault      ./vpnserv server.conf > /dev/null 2>&1

Fix Version

This issue is resolved in AirWatch 8.4.4.

To resolve this issue in AirWatch 8.4.0 - 8.4.3, take the following steps:

  • Determine the version of Linux OS on the Tunnel server (Centos/RHEL 6 or 7)
  • Download the updated vpnserv file from myAirWatch.
  • Make a backup of the vpnserv file under \opt\airwatch\tunnel\vpnd
  • Stop the Tunnel service (service vpnd stop)
  • Select the appropriate version of vpnserv depending on the operating system (RHEL6 or RHEL7) from the file downloaded above
  • Replace the current version of vpnserv with the new version
  • Start the Tunnel service (service vpnd start)
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