CMEM-182364: In AirWatch 8.4.2, EAS Integration Service does not run properly when SEGs are clustered - Resolved in AirWatch 8.4.3

Version Identified

Secure Email Gateway 8.4.2




This issue affects SEGs that are upgraded to version 8.4.2 if they are set up in a clustered configuration.  Earlier versions of SEG do not experience this issue if only the AirWatch Console is upgraded to version 8.4.2.  After completing the SEG Setup configuration, the EAS Integration Service will not run properly.  If you restart the service, you will see a Windows 1061 error.  If you try to load the SEG Console page you will receive the error:

There was no endpoint listening at net.pip://localhost/AirWatchMegIntegrationService/pipe that could accept the message.

Fix Version

This issue has been resolved in Secure Email Gateway version 8.4.3.  If your AirWatch Console is on version 8.4.2, AirWatch recommends not upgrading your SEGs if they are in a clustered configuration.

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