BINXI-2285: Email does not configure for devices using AirWatch Container 2.2 and VMware Boxer 3.1.1 - Resolved in Boxer 3.7

Version Identified

VMware Boxer 3.1.1

AirWatch Container 2.2




After enrolling through AirWatch Container 2.2, VMware Boxer 3.1.1 does not receive a new email configuration.  After opening Boxer for the first time, users will be asked to configure a new account as the account configured in the AirWatch Console is not pushed to the device.


This issue only affects devices leveraging both AirWatch Container 2.2 and VMware Boxer 3.1.1.  AirWatch recommends that users with this type of deployment do not upgrade to VMware Boxer 3.1.1 until the issue is resolved.

Fix Version

This issue has been resolved in VMware Boxer 3.7.

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