AEC-183858 - AirWatch Inbox 2.5.4 does not properly configure mailbox for iOS devices enrolled through AirWatch Container


This issue affects AirWatch Container-enrolled iOS devices in environments that have the Passcode Authentication and Single Sign-on (SSO) SDK settings enabled.  After installing AirWatch Inbox 2.5.4, devices may get stuck on a white page that displays "VMware AirWatch," or may not successfully complete SSO authentication or passcode creation.  AirWatch Inbox does not properly configure the users' mailbox.  AirWatch Inbox 2.5.3 and before is not affected by this issue.


This issue has been resolved in AirWatch Inbox 2.5.5 for iOS.  A device currently using AirWatch Inbox 2.5.3 will be able to upgrade to 2.5.5 without this issue occurring.

If you have experienced this issue after upgrading to AirWatch Inbox 2.5.4, full remediation steps are available below:

  • Delete the AirWatch Inbox application from the device.
  • Delete the AirWatch Container application from the device.
  • Download and install the AirWatch Container application.
  • Enroll the device using AirWatch Container.
  • Download and install AirWatch Inbox v2.5.5.

If your email profile is set to Auto then no further action is required, as end users will receive the profile for email access. If your email profile is set to On Demand then you will need to manually push the profile to restore email access for the end user.

If a user on AirWatch Inbox 2.5.5 reports this issue, they should follow the remediation steps above and confirm if the issue is resolved.  Simply upgrading from AirWatch Inbox 2.5.4 to 2.5.5 will not resolve the issue without following the remediation steps.

To confirm which version is currently installed on a device:

  • Launch Inbox -> Navigate to the Folder dropdown -> Open Settings (Gear icon) -> Select Advanced -> Select About
  • If the Build Date field matches 05-26-2016 then the user has version 2.5.4 installed
  • If the Build Date field matches 05-31-2016 then the user has version 2.5.5 installed although it will display as 2.5.4
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