CMEM-181876: 8.3 SEG temporarily blocks email access for managed devices during API server upgrades - Resolved in AirWatch 8.3.5


This issue affects environments that are currently using Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) running version 8.3 and are restricting email access to managed devices.  During an environment upgrade, the SEG may perform a policy refresh when the API server component is being upgraded.  If this occurs, all managed devices will be blocked from email access during this time.  The devices will be unblocked during the next automatic SEG policy refresh after the upgrade is complete (by default this is scheduled every 60 minutes).

In order to pre-emptively work around the issue prior to an upgrade taking place, you can disable the managed device compliance policy and run compliance/update settings BEFORE the upgrade.  This can be re-enabled (and policies manually refreshed) after the upgrade is complete.  Alternately, the EAS Integration Service can be stopped on all 8.3 SEG servers prior to the environment upgrade, and then restarted after the upgrade is complete.


This issue has been given identifier CMEM-181876.  This issue has been resolved in AirWatch 8.3.5.

If you experience this issue, perform one of the following steps as soon as the upgrade is complete in order to immediately allow email access to managed devices:

  • Restart the EAS Integration Service on all 8.3 SEGs.
  • Navigate to the SEGConsole endpoint on all 8.3 SEGs and select Refresh Policies.



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