PPAT-83: AirWatch MAG resulting in high API utilization - resolved in AirWatch 8.3.2, 8.2.5


The AirWatch MAG (Content Gateway and Tunnel) will make a large number of API calls.  This can result in the MAG to API connection failing with an HTTP 503 response due to the API daily call limit being reached.

End users may notice delays when connecting to content/websites through the MAG (or Content Gateway/Tunnel).  In some cases, access may be blocked altogether.


This issue has been given identifier PPAT-83.  This issue has been resolved in AirWatch 8.0.13, 8.1.9, 8.2.5, and 8.3.2.  

If your environment is not on one of these versions, you can perform one of the following as a temporary workaround:

  • For on-premise environments, increase the API daily limit in the AirWatch Console to a higher level.  Note: this can result in reduced performance due to high activity.
  • For on-premise environments, the AirWatch API Application Pool can be recycled to reset the API daily limit.
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