CMDM-200023: Reduced database performance after enrolling Apple TV devices - Resolved in AirWatch 8.3.2


This issue occurs if, when setting up the Configurator enrollment profiles for Apple TV devices, the device selection is set to Apple iOS instead of Apple TV.  Devices will enroll successfully if this is incorrectly set, but the check-in process will not behave correctly and you will experience reduced database performance, which can cause slow Console performance and decrease the check-in rate of other devices.  Additionally, the device type of incorrectly enrolled Apple TVs will show as "iPad, iPhone, or iPod."


This issue has been given identifier CMDM-200023.  This issue has been resolved in AirWatch 8.3.2.

As a workaround, set up the Configurator enrollment profile to support Apple TV and re-enroll affected Apple TV devices.

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