Attachments are blocked by SEG after upgrading Console to AirWatch 8.3 from 8.1 FP06 or below


This issue affects environments that upgrade to AirWatch 8.3 from AirWatch 8.1 FP06 or below.  After upgrading your AirWatch Console environment to AirWatch 8.3, emails that are being sent through a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) are being stripped of attachments.  Users are seeing the following message when attempting to view an attachment in an email message:

Attachments are blocked by Mobile Email Management



After the upgrade to AirWatch 8.3 is complete, this issue can be resolved in one of the following ways:

  • Restart the EAS Integration Service on the SEG server.
  • On the SEGConsole endpoint of the SEG server, select Update Settings/Policies.
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