ISDK-168090: Devices in stand-alone MCM deployment cannot re-enroll after being deleted from AirWatch Console - Resolved in Content Locker 3.0.1


This issue affects devices in a stand-alone MCM deployment using iOS Content Locker 3.0.  This does not affect devices using iOS Content Locker 3.0 in a standard MDM deployment.

If an iOS device is using Content Locker 3.0 in a stand-alone MCM deployment and then is deleted from the AirWatch Console, that device will not be able to re-download and launch Content Locker at a later point in time.  If Content Locker is downloaded again and then launched, the app will throw the following error and not open properly.

Authentication Request Failed – Console responded with 200 status code, but failed parsing the response data.



There are two workarounds to re-enroll an affected device:

  • Factory wipe the device, then re-download Content Locker.


  • Perform the following steps:
    • On a device that replicates the issue, delete the Content Locker application.
    • Install the AirWatch Agent from App Store. Enroll the device as MDM managed.
    • Install Content Locker on the device and make sure that you are able to enter the app. You must enter the app during this step or the issue will persist.
    • Un-enroll the device by removing the MDM profile from the device or by sending an enterprise wipe command from the AirWatch Console to the device.
    • Delete the AirWatch Agent from the device.
    • Install Content Locker. Perform a stand-alone MCM enrollment through Content Locker.
    • You should be able to authenticate successfully.


This issue has been given identifier ISDK-168090.  This issue has been resolved in Content Locker 3.0.1.

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