FCA-178654: Admin's security PIN appended to modified subject of sent emails when sending email messages from Device List View - Resolved in AirWatch 8.2 FP03


This issue affects AirWatch 8.2 when an administrator navigates to the Device List View and chooses the “Select All” checkbox, and then sends an email message to the selected devices.  Prior to sending the message, the administrator must enter their security PIN.  If the default subject of the message has been modified, the PIN entered will be appended to the text of the email message.  If the PIN is incorrectly entered and then corrected, all entered numbers will be appended to the email text.  Expected behavior is that the PIN should not show up in the email message at all.


This issue has been given identifier FCA-178654.  This issue has been resolved in AirWatch 8.2 FP03.

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