Unable to start multiple Windows Services after installing or upgrading to AirWatch 8.2 FP1 or higher


After installing or upgrading to AirWatch 8.2 FP1 or higher, certain Windows Services will not start correctly.  These services include:

  • AirWatch Agent Builder Service
  • AirWatch Entity Change Queue Monitor
  • AirWatch Integration Service
  • AirWatch MEG Queue Service
  • AirWatch Messaging Service
  • AirWatch DIagnostics Service


Add the following DWORD to the Windows Registry.  More information is available on Microsoft's KB here.


DWORD: ServicesPipeTimeout 

Value: 120000


After creating this registry entry, you must perform a full server restart.


Our product team has been engaged and is currently working on a resolution with an update to the AirWatch 8.2 installer.

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