AAGNT-175866: Android Restrictions Profile with “Allow Headphones” enabled sets headphone state to active - Resolved in Samsung firmware SM-G900A


Android restriction profile has “Allow Headphones” enabled by default. Installing this profile on Android 5.0 devices sets the headphone state to true or active (ex: the device acts as if actual headphones are connected).

The issue is seen on Samsung Galaxy S5 devices running 5.0 and containing the Samsung ELM Service application. When the profile installs the device is put into headphone mode (as if headphones were connected to the device) and no audio can be heard from the device unless you plug in headphones. If you plug in and unplug headphones, the headphone mode status will go away but the device will still act as if it is in this mode. This issue was not seen on Samsung Galaxy S5 devices running 5.1.



This issue has been given identifier AAGNT-175866. This issue has been resolved with Samsung firmware update SM-G900A.

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