Increased check-ins on rugged Android devices with Agent or causing performance issues on AirWatch Console


Android devices on Rugged Agent versions and are experiencing increased number of device check-in with AirWatch console. This is causing performance issues on the console and database servers and can result in sluggish performance when accessing the AirWatch Admin Console or performing commands on devices.


Administrators with affected devices should upgrade all devices utilizing the Rugged Android Agent versions or to Rugged Android Agent 5.1.5 and above to mitigate the increased check-in issue.  The latest Agent, v5.3, can be downloaded here.  The APF package used for barcode and sideload staging is available here.  Additionally, newer versions of the Rugged Android Agent are seeded in more recent versions of the AirWatch Admin Console.  Refer to pages 83 and 84 of the Android Rugged Platform Guide for detailed steps of the upgrade process.  For any questions or assistance with this process, please contact AirWatch Support.

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