AAGNT-175466: Newly enrolled users are repeatedly prompted for Exchange password if the Password field has been modified in EAS profile when using Android Agent 5.3 - Resolved in Android Agent 5.3.1


This issue affects Android devices on environments that originally utilized an Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) profile with a value specified in the Password field, where the profile was then edited to remove the value in the Password field and was then republished.  This does not affect profiles that have never had a Password value modified in the Exchange ActiveSync payload.  If an Android device enrolls using version 5.3 of the Android Agent or the EAS profile is republished, then users will either be continually prompted to enter their password, or will never be prompted to enter their password.


This issue has been given identifier AAGNT-175466.  If you believe you are affected by this issue, contact AirWatch Support.  They will work with you to confirm the issue and apply a fix to your environment.  This issue has been resolved with Android Agent 5.3.1.


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