CMDM-191377: Users incorrectly removed from user groups utilizing custom LDAP query when a user group sync experiences a time out - Resolved in AirWatch 8.1 FP3


This issue affects user groups that are created to use a custom LDAP query and is confirmed to affect AirWatch 8.0 FP9+ and 8.1.  During the syncing of a user group, if the LDAP queries made against the configured domain controller experience a time out, the syncing process in AirWatch will experience an error.  In this event, all existing users will be removed from the user group.

If this event occurs, any profiles and settings assigned to affected users through the user group will be removed.  However, any subsequent successful user group syncs (manual or scheduled) will restore the proper user assignment.



This issue has been given identifier CMDM-191377.  This issue has been resolved in AirWatch 8.1 FP3.

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