AEC-183203: Users enrolled through AirWatch Container are able to log into iOS AirWatch Inbox v2.4 when using Touch ID by selecting "Cancel" - Resolved in iOS Inbox v2.4.1


This affects users that have enrolled through the AirWatch Container and are utilizing the iOS AirWatch Inbox v2.4 that has been deployed with the following settings configured in the AirWatch Admin Console under Settings -> Apps -> Settings And Policies -> Security Policies:

  • Authentication Type: Username and Password
  • Biometric Mode: Touch ID
  • Single Sign On: Enabled

After enrollment through the AirWatch Container, the user initially launches the AirWatch Inbox and chooses to authenticate via Touch ID.  If they select Cancel, the AirWatch Inbox will act as if they authenticated successfully, and then configure and load the user's email data.


As a workaround, AirWatch recommends disabling the Touch ID option as a form of authentication.


This issue has been given identifier AEC-183203.  This issue has been resolved with iOS Inbox v2.4.1.

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