AAGNT-175094: Internal app stuck when downloading on some Android devices after updating version in console - Resolved in Android Agent v5.3


When an Android internal application is updated to a new version on the AirWatch console, some devices may get stuck in the "Downloading..." state for the new version of the app.  When viewing the application list through the AirWatch Agent, the affected app will show "Downloading..." instead of the updated app version.


In some cases, removing the device from the app assignment and then re-adding it again can resolve the issue.  For an affected device, if you have access to the device and can view the file structure, this can be resolved by identifying the temp file under the path: "/Storage/Emulated/0/Android/data/com.airwatch.androidagent/files/download" and changing the file name from {bundle}.tmp to {bundle}.apk.  Note that this exact path might be slightly different for certain devices.


This issue has been given identifier AAGNT-175094.  This issue has been resolved in Android Agent v5.3.

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