CMDM-189261: iOS devices not checking in consistently within the specified MDM Sample Schedule - Resolved in AirWatch 8.1 FP1


In certain AirWatch environments, iOS devices do not check in as frequently as configured in the MDM Sample Schedule.  Due to a performance limitation in the check-in algorithm, in some environments devices may check in at a slower rate.  Note that commands initiated from the console still function as expected (ie: queries, profile pushes, etc.).  It is simply the automated check in that experiences issues.


  • Manual Query from the console. This can be done in bulk by checking list of devices and clicking “Query”. This would update device last seen as soon as the device is unlocked and active. But the End-User would not have any notification of the same.
  • For deployments utilizing the Agent, Creating a compliance policy for “Devices Last Seen” with an action to “Request Device Check-in” which would send a notification to the End User to open the Agent to trigger a check-in on the console.


This issue has been given identifier CMDM-189261.  This issue has been resolved with AirWatch 8.1 FP1.

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