CMAM-168509: Incorrect install status for applications when viewing in app catalog - Resolved in AirWatch 8.1


This is an issue with the app catalog not updating the installation status of applications.      

  • When installing applications by selecting the install button in the catalog, the status changes to processing. However, if you come back to the catalog the status changes to install and remains at install until AirWatch gets confirmation about the application installation. At this point it changes to installed.
  • An application might say that it is uninstalled in the App Catalog, but shows as installed under Managed Apps in the Agent.
  • On the console it says that the app is installed on the device details page. A green check-mark is seen next to the application, but the size of the app is missing for all devices.


This issue has been give the identifier CMAM-168509. This issue has been resolved in version 8.1 of the AirWatch Admin Console.

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