IBRW-169337: iOS devices using AirWatch Browser 4.2 may experience an enterprise wipe - Resolved with iOS AirWatch Browser 4.3


In certain cases, iOS devices utilizing version 4.2 of the AirWatch Browser will unenroll automatically when there is no Authentication type set in the SDK settings in the AirWatch console.


Navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Settings And Policies -> Security Policies and turn on Authentication Type to "Passcode" or "Username and Password”, while setting the Maximum Number of Failed Attempts to any value.  Note that this will prompt the end users to enter a Passcode / Username Password when launching an Airwatch Application (such as AW Browser, AW Content Locker, AW Inbox, and the AW Agent) is launched. Additionally, setting Authentication Type to “Passcode” will request all users with devices under the respective organization group to set a new Passcode.


This issue has been given the identifier IBRW-169337. This issue has been resolved with iOS AirWatch Browser 4.3.

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