iOS 9 Known Issues

We hope you are enjoying the early beta release of iOS 9, which offers some great new features. We are working with Apple to make this a seamless experience for the enterprise as iOS 9 is made publicly available.

As you prepare for iOS 9, please note the following AirWatch applications in the App stores are not ready to be tested with iOS 9 beta. This list will be updated as needed, so please check back for any updates.

  • AirWatch Agent v.5.0.1. Use web enrollment as an alternative to using the MDM Agent.  Engineering is actively working to get an app update released as soon as possible. Status updates will be posted periodically.

  • Browser v.4.2

  • Container v.2.0

  • Content Locker v.2.4

  • Inbox v.2.3.1

  • AirWatch SDK v.5.2.2

  • Teach and Learn v.1.3.1

  • AirWatch Tunnel v1.1.1 

  • AirWatch Video 1.0




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