CMDM-188861: Energy Saver profile for OSX causes the system to crash when a schedule is configured as part of the profile - Resolved in AirWatch 8.1


In AirWatch 8.0, any Energy Saver profile for Mac OS X devices that are configured to utilize a schedule will cause the system to crash.


The Energy Saver profile works correctly if a schedule is not configured. If a schedule is required, a custom XML profile can be created to achieve the desired results.

  1. Configure the Energy Saver profile with the required settings and save it without publishing it to any devices.
  2. Select the dropdown for the saved profile to “View XML”.
  3. Select Export on the new window that is prompted.
  4. From the exported XML change the value for Weekdays from 0 to 30.
  5. Create a new OSX device profile and configure the “Custom” Payload.
  6. Copy the edited XML and paste it into the Custom Payload. All information between (but not including) the "array" tags should be inserted.
  7. Publish the profile to required devices.


This issue has been given identifier CMDM-188861.  This issue has been resolved in version 8.1 of the AirWatch Admin Console.

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