CMDM-186333: EAS profiles created in AirWatch 8.0 do not correctly install on Windows Phone 8.0 - Resolved in AirWatch 8.0 FP07


On AirWatch 8.0, Exchange Activesync profiles that are published to Windows Phone 8.0 devices do not install correctly. These profiles will install correctly on other device types.


  1. Configure the EAS profile with the required settings and save it without publishing it to any devices.
  2. Select the dropdown for the saved profile to “View XML”.
  3. Select Export on the new window that is prompted.
  4. From the exported XML, search for "/Options/Logging". There will be a "Data" tag after this text with the value 2. Change this value to 0.
  5. Create a new WP8 device profile and configure the “Custom Settings” Payload.
  6. Copy the edited XML and paste it into the Custom Payload. All information between (and including) the outermost "Add" tags should be inserted.
  7. Publish the profile to required devices.


This issue has been given the identifier CMDM-186333. Our product team has been engaged and is currently working on a resolution.

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