AAGNT-174645: Increased battery consumption after upgrading to Android Agent 5.2 - Resolved in Android Agent 5.2.1


Certain Android devices that have upgraded to version 5.2 of the AirWatch Agent are experiencing significant battery consumption.


Battery consumption correlates significantly with the device sample frequency. If devices are sending AirWatch samples too frequently, they may experience diminished battery life. In particular, Application List Samples contains a significant amount of information and can affect battery life if sent too frequently.

Navigate to Groups and Settings -> All Settings -> Android -> Agent Settings in the AirWatch Console. If it is not currently configured as such, increase the Application List Interval to any value above 60 minutes.  The recommended value for this field is 720 minutes. In most cases the battery life will be significantly improved.


This issue has been given identifier AAGNT-174645.  This issue has been resolved with Android Agent 5.2.1.

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