Updates to Certificate Request Template Custom Web Service functionality in AirWatch 9.0

AirWatch 9.0 has updated functionality around the ability to publish the private key of a user certificate to a custom web service specified in the certificate Request Template in the AirWatch Console.  For customers that have leveraged this functionality to allow for certificate authentication for their users to a IBM Notes Traveler server, you should validate the configured settings following an upgrade to AirWatch 9.0 from any previous version:

  1. In the AirWatch Console, navigate to Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Certificate Authorities > Request Templates.
  2. Select the request template that is being issued to the IBM Notes Traveler Server.
  3. Under the Custom Web Service section, verify that the URL matches your server endpoint.  In particular, you may have to update the .../DominoWebListener... endpoint to specify .../DominoCertificates..., so that the entire URL is similar to: https://<TravelerServerFQDN>/aw/awws.nsf/DominoCertificates?OpenWebService.
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