AirWatch Tunnel Linux/Virtual Appliance Migration Plan

With AirWatch v8.4, AirWatch introduced the AirWatch Tunnel virtual appliance. Based on the Linux-based AirWatch Tunnel, the virtual appliance provides a quick and easy method for deploying the AirWatch Tunnel using VMware vSphere.

If you currently use AirWatch Tunnel for Linux, consider migrating to the virtual appliance to take advantage of this superior functionality. This article aims to assist you in planning for the migration by providing step-by-step instructions for a seamless experience.

Migration Steps

  1. Deploy the virtual appliance. Refer to the AirWatch Tunnel Guide for prerequisites and instructions.
    Make sure to configure and download the virtual appliance from the same organization group where the Linux AirWatch Tunnel was configured. The configuration wizard is designed to always generate both the virtual appliance and the Linux installer whenever one or the other is configured.
  2. Point the existing Linux instance to the virtual appliance.

    Once your virtual appliance is set up and the AirWatch Tunnel is deployed, work with your IT team to point the existing DNS for the Linux AirWatch Tunnel (for example: to the new virtual appliance instance. Once this is done, all traffic will start flowing through the virtual appliance AirWatch Tunnel instead of Linux.
  3. Remove the Linux environment.

    At this stage, your Linux environment is no longer required.  You can uninstall AirWatch Tunnel from the servers and use them for other purposes.
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