Java update likely causing issues with AWCM and Apache Tomcat services


The recently released Java update is causing the AWCM test connection to fail and both the AWCM and Apache Tomcat services not to start.



Upon encountering this issue, please perform the following steps: 


Remote desktop to the server running AWCM.

Check to see if the Apache Tomcat service can find the Java Virtual Machine (jvm.dll):

  • Open Windows Explorer and open the latest commons-daemons log file located in the Tomcat install logs folder. The file will have the date in the name. Open the latest commons-daemons.*.log file.
  • Example: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat
  • Check if creating the JVM failed or if the Tomcat service was able to start
  • Example: “Failed creating java C:\Program Files|Java\jre{version}\bin\server\jvm.dll”


If the error message above is found, then verify that Apache Tomcat and AWCM are configured to use the latest jvm.dll version:

  • Check the current version of Java that set to the home path through CMD
  • Open CMD and enter “java-version”
  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder containing jvm.dll for the version of Java reported


Verify that Apache Tomcat is using the same version of Java.

  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the install folder for Apache Tomcat
  • Example: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat
  • From the pop-up, click on the Java tab and confirm the Java Virtual Machine value is set to the same version of Java reported from CMD


  • Click OK to save and close
  • Restart the Apache Tomcat service (open Services.msc > select Apache Tomcat Service and click restart)
  • If the service fails to restart, check the commons-daemons.*.log file errors


Verify AWCM is configured to use the latest Java version:

  • Open Windows Explorer and and navigate to AirWatch install folder
  • Open AWCM > Service > AWCMService.exe.parameter in Notepad
  • Example:  C:\AirWatch\AirWatch
  • Ensure the JVM value is set to the correct jvm.dll version
  • Example:  JVM= C:\Program Files\Java\jre{version}\bin\server\jvm.dll
  • Save and close


Restart the AWCM service. If the service fails with a named pipe error, restart the service again.

Test AWCM connection from console.

If you are using ACC, test the ACC connection. If ACC test connection fails, restart ACC service. 


To prevent this from happening in a future Java update, disable the Java automatic update setting, which is enabled by default. This can be done manually or through Group Policy Object (GPO) for Windows Active Directory customers. Reference:

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