Using the Enterprise Discovery Utility to Validate VMware Workspace ONE Server Requirements

What is the Enterprise Discovery Utility?

The Enterprise Discovery Utility is a tool that can be used on an Workspace ONE server to quickly ensure that all network requirements are met, or to confirm which requirements are not met. The utility can be downloaded from the My Workspace ONE Resource Portal here.

Using the Enterprise Discovery Utility

The tool will validate the requirements for many different types of Workspace ONE servers, including application, EIS/ACC, SEG, and MAG servers.  The utility should be run locally on the appropriate specified server.  In a deployment where there are duplicate servers (for example, multiple application or SEG servers), the utility should be run on each individual server.


The utility will confirm if the current server is using an outbound web proxy. If the server is using a proxy, you will need to enter in the proxy URL/port information.


Workspace ONE application servers require direct access to the database.  As the database server and user information is different for each deployment, you will be required to specify this information in the tool.  A test connection button can be used to validate that the information was successfully entered and that the specified user successfully authenticates.

EDU_database.png EDU_database_successful.png

For Workspace ONE application servers, the utility will ask to confirm whether or not reports are being utilized on this server.  If so, further information regarding the report server must be entered.


Finally, you will need to specify which port has been bound with the SSL certificate.  The will ensure that the certificate has been configured properly, and perform checks against various endpoints in the Workspace ONE system.  The test connection button can be used to confirm the specified configuration.


Once all of the information has been specified, the utility will begin testing against relevant software and networking requirements.  Once all checks have been completed, select Next to view the results.

EDU_system_requirements.png EDU_system_requirements_successful.png

In this final window, you will be able to view all software and network requirements for the Workspace ONE server type specified in the initial section of the utility.  You will be able to view the details of each requirement and whether or not the current server passes each test successfully.  If any tests do fail, then changes will need to be made to the network or server itself in order to ensure complete functionality.

EDU_check_result.png EDU_results_2.png

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