DNS Settings for Dedicated SaaS Environments

Suggested Configuration

Many AirWatch SaaS customers wish to create a DNS record to point to their AirWatch hosted SaaS environment so that they have the option to migrate between SaaS and on premise solutions. This also allows the customer to utilize their existing domain names for a unified end-user experience. It is AirWatch’s best practice for customers who wish to use such a configuration to create a CNAME DNS entry pointing to an AirWatch CNAME DNS entry which points to an AirWatch A record DNS entry. Customers are encouraged to work with their designated support staff to identify the exact values of each record prior to implementing this configuration.


Warning: Creating a DNS A record to point directly to your AirWatch SaaS environment’s IP address will cause complications in the event of a failover to our disaster recovery data center. Downtime is measured from the time that the primary site is unavailable to the time the secondary site is available using the AirWatch CNAME.



Using the chaining of a customer CNAME to an AirWatch CNAME allows AirWatch to quickly update internal DNS records to correctly point to a new location in the case of a failover to a secondary datacenter. This allows a seamless transition on the customer’s end and minimizes downtime. In contrast, if a customer uses an A record to point directly to the IPv4 address of their SaaS environment and a failover occurs, the customer’s DNS will continue to point to an incorrect location until they manually update their DNS. This process would be repeated again when the primary site is restored.

Many customers are adverse to chaining CNAME records but the added value of minimizing downtime and reducing manual customer interaction during a failover makes this the best practice configuration for customer DNS pointing to the SaaS environment.



In this example a fictional AirWatch customer, XYZ Company, has deployed within the SaaS environment and would like to create an internal DNS record to point to their environment. They would like to allow their end users to browse to mdm.XYZCompany.com and access the site label.airwatchportals.com. Following AirWatch best practices XYZ Company would create a CNAME DNS entry with a value pointing towards an AirWatch CNAME which points to an AirWatch A record.

 Record Type


 Points to

Customer CNAME


AirWatch CNAME

AirWatch CNAME


AirWatch A record

AirWatch A Record

Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

IPv4 Address


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