Prevent Android device with the same UDID from enrolling in a different Customer Organization Group in AirWatch 8.4

In some situations it is possible to enterprise wipe an Android device without the AirWatch Console being notified that the wipe has occurred (for example, if the device is not connected to the internet when a device-side enterprise wipe occurs).  Starting in AirWatch 8.4, by default it will not be possible to re-enroll devices that enter this state into a different organization group until the enterprise wipe is confirmed on the AirWatch Console.  This setting is Enabled in SaaS environments

For on-premise environments, this setting is configurable under System > Advanced > Other > Prevent Android devices from enrolling to another Customer Organization Group at the Global organization group.  If this option is enabled, an Android device will be unable to enroll into another Customer organization group if the device currently shows with the Enrolled status in the AirWatch Console.  If a user attempts to, they will get a message that the enrollment was blocked.  If this option is disabled, then Android devices will be able to freely re-enroll into different Customer organization groups, provided that the users have the credentials to do so.  A device can re-enroll into different sub-organization groups below the Customer level, provided users have the credentials to do so.

Note: If an Android device is unenrolled and no longer shows with status Enrolled in the AirWatch Console, then that device is free to enroll into a different Customer organization group.


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