Zebra user defined passphrase-enabled barcode enrollment


In the 8.3 Console release, AirWatch introduced a User-defined passphrase for Barcode enrollment.  This feature allows the user to lock the barcode with a custom passphrase, which is required to be entered after scanning the barcode in order to access the barcode data.  This feature is currently supported only on Jelly Bean devices, and requires an updated RD Client to work on KitKat devices.  Otherwise, attempting this on a KitKat device results in a crash.


Implications for customers

Customers who attempt to scan a custom passphrase-enabled barcode on a Zebra device running KitKat will encounter a crash on the device.  The device will need to be rebooted in order to use RD Client again to scan additional barcodes.  There is no workaround for this issue.



This issue has been resolved in the latest RD Client version for KitKat.  This new version will be released as part of an OS Upgrade, which will be released per device by Zebra.  Customers must update to the respective OS build before using the user-defined passphrase-enabled barcode feature. 


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