Rugged enrollment errors when using barcode and sideload enrollment

Rugged enrollment errors when using barcode and sideload enrollment

During barcode enrollment or sideload staging, you may encounter the below errors:


*Note: “CREATE_MDM_ERROR” is a generic error and may indicate other root causes.  Additionally, confirm that LoginFailedAttempts >=3.


Root Cause

User or device is invalid due to exceeding number of allowable login attempts.  To prevent “spoofing attacks,” the enrollment process requires additional captcha validation after 3 failed attempts.  This is a security requirement when enrolling with username and password.  The failed attempts can be for a user or a device, whichever occurs first.  For barcode enrollment and sideload staging, there is no user interface, and thus a captcha cannot be entered.



The security information can be reset in the database for on-premise environments.  For SaaS environments, contact the AirWatch Support team for assistance.

The primary concerned tables are below:

  • MobileManagement.EnrollmentUser
  • MobileManagement.DeviceEnrollmentStaging


1. Reset user failed attempts in mobileManagement.EnrollmentUser table.

  • Set LoginFailedAttempts = 0 in the MobileManagement.EnrollmentUser table for specified user

2. Check mobilemanagement.DeviceEnrollmentStaging table for the device by serial number

  • If found, remove all records associated to serial number


Additional Recommendation

It is recommended to configure the purge interval to 2 days for the mobilemanagement.DeviceEnrollmentStaging table.  This is a GLOBAL console setting:

  • Settings > Admin > Data Purging > DeviceEnrollmentStaging Purge


Short Term/Long term Resolution

In the short term, the user and password entered on the Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Staging will be validated prior to saving and generating the barcode.  However, this is not a panacea.   The issue may still be encountered, albeit significantly less.  In the long term, barcode and side load staging enrollment will move away from user and password validation.

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